10 Most Common Reasons Dogs Go To The Vet


7. Intestinal Inflammation/diarrhea

Diarrhea is more of a symptom than illness, but it’s an extremely unpleasant one.

If your dogs poo is loose, it might be for a number of different reasons.

Changing their food, or general intolerance to their food might cause diarrhea.

Allergies, eating the wrong thing, or infections all might cause diarrhea.

Parasites and a few other serious problems can also cause diarrhea.

You may not want to feed your pooch while they are experiencing diarrhea, though be sure to keep to hydrate them by providing plenty of water.

It’s time to take your pooch to the vet when they’ve been having a problem for more than a day, or if you see other symptoms that are worrying.

When in doubt, make an appointment.

Written by Flo

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