10 Most Common Reasons Dogs Go To The Vet


4. Pyoderma

Pyoderma is any infection that includes pus, which just sounds unpleasant.

In dogs, it is most often caused by small wounds that become infected.

The main symptom is pus-filled lesions that can form on the skin.

Other symptoms can include crusty patches on the skin, scratching at the skin, and loss of hair.

Some dogs are more likely to develop pyoderma than others.

German shepherds are more prone to the illness than others.

Dogs with existing skin conditions are also more prone to pyoderma, as are dogs with staphylococcus intermedius.

Dogs with skin folds are more liable to bacterial infections on their skin in general, and so are also more likely to develop pyoderma.

It is a bacterial infection, so the treatment can be a course of antibiotics.

Disinfecting your dog’s cuts can help prevent pyoderma.

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