Pet Insurance: 6 Reasons To Consider If It’s Right For My Pet

  1.  Vets Can Be Very Expensive Without Insurance

Taking your dog to the vet is a vital part of pet ownership. We’ve all known that since we became pet owners. I’m sure we all spent a considerable amount of our youths playing stuffed animal hospital with dreams of growing up to be a vet only to discover that it takes a whole lot of work and determination to be a veterinarian (and then decided to get into writing instead. Or maybe that was just me).  

Where was I? Oh yes, pet healthcare.

6 reasons pet insurance might be right for your pet kitten

Since pet health care has evolved and gotten more sophisticated and efficient, it has also become more expensive. Are the evil corporations to blame? Probably not, but let’s blame them anyway. The costs of pet care may have risen significantly, but it’s for good reason. You see, X-rays haven’t always been available for pets. Or even for humans for that matter. I’m not sure exactly when they were invented, and I don’t feel like doing the research. So there.


The point is if your dog broke its leg in, say, the 1820’s they’d probably just give it some leeches and hope for the best. Let’s just say things have gotten a little bit better. Because pet healthcare can now cure so much more, it makes sense that it would be more costly. And, without insurance, that can really hit you in the wallet.

Written by Anthony