Dog Paw Health Tips: 7 Things You Need To Know


Seasonal care

We wear shoes and boots, but our dogs often go through their whole lives with bare paws.

Depending on where you live, that can mean snow, water, cement, mud, and all sorts of other hazards to your dog’s paws.

In the summer, it’s the hot pavement that most likely poses a problem for your pooch.

Taking them walking in the morning before the sun has the chance to heat things up can help keep your dog from being uncomfortable, or even getting blisters.

Also, keep an eye out for dry and cracking paw pads.


In the winter, the cold can also lead your pet’s paws to dry and crack.

Many places have ice, which can be sharp.

The ice which is used to melt the ice can also cut your dog’s paws, or at least be uncomfortable.

There are dog boots available, though most dogs don’t like them much, and it can take them a while to get used to having them on their feet.

Written by Flo

I am a writer and pet lover living in the Pacific Northwest. I own 2 cats, Bella and Junior, and they are adorable :) I have been an animal advocate and human companion for several dozen animals over the years. I have raised Cockatiels, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and a tortoise. Writing is my second passion and writing for Funny Pet Stop is a fantastic match for me.

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