A Truly Lucky Litter: A Heartwarming Story That Will Give You Hope


We’ve all had those times in our lives that we were pretty lucky.

Whether you find a nickel on the ground or don’t get called for jury duty, we’ve all had those times when we should consider ourselves the result of some pretty good luck.

Well, the furry subjects of today’s video are definitely part of that group.


William Grabill, who was simply going about his day working in waste management, thought he heard something strange in a dumpster.

While investigating the noise, he saw something unbelievable: a litter of newborn kittens.

While we’re not sure exactly how they got there, these are some lucky kittens.

Because of Grabill’s actions, the litter is now growing up safe.

In fact, Grabill has made a habit of visiting the kittens, strengthening his bond with the furry friends he saved.

In fact, he even plans on bringing one home when the time is right, further improving the lives of this lucky litter of furry friends.

1Image via Sacramento SPCA

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Written by Anthony