Adorable Cat Vacuum Attack


For some reason, pets just don’t enjoy vacuums.

While they help us out quite a bit in the human world, they are simply not that beloved by our furry friends.

But why is that?

Was there some kind of grand pet vs vacuum war in an alternate dimension that has raged on for years that we as humans aren’t aware of?

Maybe not. But I’m definitely writing that down and making it into a movie anyways.

I’ve gotten just a bit off topic, haven’t I?

The point is that animals simply don’t care much for vacuums. And today’s video is a perfect example of that. Today we see a cat owner that straps a GoPro to a vacuum, which is already a pretty awesome idea.

But then the awesomeness is improved even more when that vacuum-strapped camera goes towards the owner’s cats. Not only do the cats begin jumping around at the sight of the vacuum, they begin attacking it.


My theory of an interdimensional pet-vacuum war might not be that far off.

While it may make for a cute and hilarious video, I can honestly say I agree with our furry friends. Personally, the sight of a vacuum fills me with fear as well.

Even if it’s for different reasons.

You see, whenever I open my closet and see the vacuum sitting there, I immediately am filled with anxiety and fear that I may have to use it.

In fact, have I even vacuumed this place since I moved in? Maybe it’s time to get going on that…

Written by Anthony