Australian Shepherds Weird Reaction Video


Let’s be totally honest, dogs are pretty weird.

While they definitely bring us tons of love, admiration, and laughs, they also have some strange habits. And I’m not just talking about when they run off with your new pair of shoes and proceed to rip them apart for fun.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Well, the dog in today’s video definitely has a very odd habit. You see, while some dogs have words that make them react such as “bad dog” or even just “no”, this dog has one word that sets it off: “rocks”.

The mini Australian Shepherd, which is relaxing peacefully on the ground, hears its owner say the word “rocks”.

And of course the dog absolutely freaks out – running directly towards the owner and the camera.

Now one has to wonder why exactly this is.

Does the dog just simply not like the way the word sounds?

Did it have a bad experience when it was walking on rocks?

Because I know that’s happened to me. Does it not enjoy rock music or the rockers that salute those about to rock?

Because I’d like to heartily disagree with the dog in that case.

Whatever the case, there’s something extremely endearing about the way this dog reacts to the word.

While it definitely makes dogs seem even weirder than usual, it’s just too cute to not watch again.

And again.

And again.

And maybe one more time.

Written by Anthony