Beagle Bandit Strikes


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Beagles are crafty.  As a teacher, I can tell you from first hand experience that the 2 social skills most lacking in ALL of our youth enrolled in public education institutions across this nation are personified in this 28 second video.

What, you may be asking, are the 2 social skills this dog is showing us that our children are not?

  1. Decision making
  2. Problem solving


Written by Flo

I am a writer and pet lover living in the Pacific Northwest. I own 2 cats, Bella and Junior, and they are adorable :) I have been an animal advocate and human companion for several dozen animals over the years. I have raised Cockatiels, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and a tortoise. Writing is my second passion and writing for Funny Pet Stop is a fantastic match for me.

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