Bird Loves Its Reflection!


Birds never get the amount of attention they deserve when it comes to the cuteness department. While kittens and puppies certainly seem to get all the recognition, it seems like our feathered friends never get any of the praise.

Well, I’m going to get that going with today’s video.

You see, this is one bird that won’t only make you smile with its extreme adorableness, it will also make you laugh with its extreme hilariousness.

Even though I’ve built this video up quite a bit, it’s a pretty simple setup: a bird and its reflection. But it’s not just the bird looking at its own reflection.

This bird jumps around, dances, hops, somersaults, and…I can’t even explain it in words alone.

I must say, I really hope this video propels birds to the level of our furry friends when it comes to total cuteness.

For all of my fellow cute bird advocates, I say to share this video to prove just how wonderful and adorable our peckish (bad pun, I know) little friends are.

Written by Anthony