Cat at Japanese Spa Offering Back Massages


Cats are taking the internet by the storm nowadays. And they’ll soon be known for their hospitality too.

And they’ll soon be known for their hospitality too.

Cats are so commercial nowadays that just about anything are dedicated to them.

From cat wine cars to cat cafes, this just the beginning.

Kitty back massage

What’s interesting is the latest “cat massage” parlors, where a cat massaging your back could ask for a tip in the end… probably in the form of cat food or sardines.

In Japan, a spa is now available for cat lovers who can choose for a “furry” add-on to their message package.

Yes, that’s right, kittens are actually a member of the spa staff to take over when they’re asked for.

Even if you can’t control the pressure from the fur ball massaging you, the widely popular “biscuit making” kneading motion that masseuses have mastered over the years is said to be the most soothing massage in the country.

You can give this a go with your cat at home. But don’t expect incredible results right away.

Also, it might be a good idea to go for some kitten mittens.

Here are the facts:

• Cats are so popular, commercial establishments and figures are made to appreciate their existence.
• A massage parlor in Japan allows cats to be part of the spa staff to offer a limited massage service.
• The popular “kneading motion” done by cats in the spa is said to be therapeutic and soothing.

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