Cat Hits The Gym


When we think of walking around and exercise, dogs usually come to mind. Over the years, they’ve gotten a bit of a reputation as lovers of going for walks.

cat hits the treadmill at gymProbably because they constantly beg to be taken for walks. Seriously, I just got done with one walk and my pup already wants to go on another. If this dog weren’t so cute I probably wouldn’t be quite so ready to oblige.

However, cats might just be the next big walking stars. After all, they’ve already conquered the world of music. At least that adorable keyboard cat did. I wonder where that cat is now…

Anyways, back to the point at hand. Today’s video showcases a cat that does much more than just play with yarn and scratch up curtains. This cat wants to train for some kind of competition. We see the feline walk alongside its owner, and I have to say it seems like it’s pretty good at hitting the treadmill.
Besides the fact that this is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen in a very long time, you have to admit it’s pretty amazing how quickly this cat took to exercising. Heck, I have a gym across the street from my apartment and I’ve still never been there. And this noble cat, the one species of animal that can basically stay inside its entire life without so much lifting a paw, decides to go for a nice indoor jog. Must have been a New Year’s resolution.

Written by Anthony