Cat Fail Video: Kitty Makes A Mistake With The Trash

Cat Curiosity Fail Video


Cats have gotten a bit of a reputation for being curious. After all, they’ve gotten that old fashioned and pretty strange saying “curiosity killed the cat”.

Which is a bit dark when you think about it.

cat mistake video fail

And, if you’ve even spent 5 minutes around a cat, you’ll know that they are about as curious as they come.

And that curiosity often leads them to claw up your favorite jacket just before you go out for the night.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Well, while curiosity didn’t exactly kill the cat in today’s situation, it definitely provided an inconvenience for the cat.

The video shows a cat playfully crawling around, looking at its surroundings. You know, the usual cat stuff.

But then the cat sees something: an object it thought it has seen before: some kind of box. And what’s this kitty’s immediate reaction? To jump on it of course.

However, this isn’t just any box.

It just happens to be a trash can. And, in one swift movement, this cat finds itself right into the trash.

While this is already a pretty incredible video on its own, what makes it even better is the owner’s reaction once the cat jumps into the trash.

The person holding the camera can’t contain themselves, and it’s the perfect icing on the cake to an already amazing cat video.

Written by Anthony