Cat Walks Itself


Cats are known for being pretty self reliant. You can pretty much keep a cat around and, outside of giving it food and water and changing the litter box, they stay independent. Some don’t even like to play, and prefer to mope around lazily throughout the day. Oh how I admire that.

However, the cat in today’s video has taken independence to the next level. It not only does something incredible on its own, but something that cats don’t normally do.

We see the cat slowly walk by in the park when we see it dragging something along – a leash! So not only has this feline branched out into more dog-centered activities, it can do them all by itself. I’d love to just spend a day with this cat if I’m being totally honest. No offense to my cats at home of course.
Really, there’s not much you can say outside of this is one of my favorite cat videos I’ve seen in ages. And, trust me, I see a lot of cat videos. Heck, I have one on in the background as I’m writing this. Just like the cat in this video, I don’t mess around.

Written by Anthony