Cockatoo’s Interesting Hobby!


Our animal friends definitely have some interesting habits.

Whether you’ve got a puppy that refuses to be without its favorite toy or a cat that loves to knock over vases (even though pretty much all cats love to do that), we’ve all got animal buddies with some interesting quirks.

Well, today’s video definitely showcases a quirky animal who’s not afraid to show off its odd hobby.

Which is interesting, as most of us think of birds as only enjoying chirping loudly to wake us up and looking in the mirror.

Which makes them seem a bit full of themselves now that I think about it.

No, the feathered friend in today’s video prefers to do something a little different: pick up cups and unstack them. This by itself sounds a bit strange, as you wouldn’t usually expect birds to be able to do something so hilariously odd.

However, this feathery pet simply loves taking apart stacks of cups one by one.

While it may have been a bit more impressive if the bird had been able to STACK cups on its own, I find it pretty hilarious that the bird is so determined to cause this chaos.

However, if you’ve ever woken up to armies of chirping birds, you know that this is one type of animal that loves causing a little chaos.

Written by Anthony