Hugs Are Free: Dog Adopts 2 Kittens And It Is Absolutely Adorable


dog adopts 2 kittens videoThe internet has no shortage of inspirational videos.

Whether it’s a toddler happily video chatting with a parent that’s across the globe or a story of a kind act, there’s plenty of content that’s guaranteed to warm your heart.

But what about when you throw some of our furry friends into the mix?

Well, I’d say it would increase the temperature on something that’s already heartwarming.

Today’s video showcases a dog that has apparently “adopted” a pair of kittens to take care of.

Which, by itself, is an adorable concept. And yet another idea for my next big movie script.

Hold tight while I go write that down.

Throughout the video, the dog lovingly holds its new friends while some relaxing music plays in the background.

It really fits the already de-stressing quality of the video.

Additionally, you have to love the title of this video, “Hugs Are Free”.

It really follows that theme that the best things in life are free, especially something as simple as caring for one another.

Am I getting too poetic?

I apologize.

These types of video do that to me.

Perhaps the greatest part of the video is the look on the dog’s face throughout.

You can tell it really cares for its new friends, not wanting to let them go.

It’s melting my heart a bit just typing it. What more is there to say?

If you haven’t already clicked on a video where you know a dog “adopts” two kittens, there’s nothing more I can say to entice you.

But just know that you’re missing out. You’ve been warned.

Written by Anthony