Cute Lil Killer vs Fish Tank


We all know that curiosity killed the cat.

Well, supposedly it did.

Once a story gets told so many times, it kinda gets muddled that way. Anyways, I’m getting just a bit off topic.

Let’s just say that curiosity and cats have had quite the history with each other.

And today’s video is the perfect example of that.

Adorable assault on the family fish tankThe video shows a cat doing what cats do best – exploring.

The cat approaches a nearby fish tank and immediately begins pawing at it.

As the video goes on and cat continues to paw, it becomes funnier and funnier as the cat continues to not understand how glass works.

Now, one could ask themselves why the cat is doing this. Is it simply trying to make new friends with the inhabitants of the fish tank?

Is it trying to break the glass open to meet some new friends?

Is it trying to get itself a mid-day snack? Let’s hope it’s not the last one.

Well, as per usual, the simplest explanation is probably the most true: it’s a cat.

And cats are curious about EVERYTHING.

So, anytime you bring home anything new, expect it to be pawed at, explored, and probably covered in cat fur at some point.

It’s just what us cat owners have learned to deal with.

Written by Anthony