Hemp Canine Treats Hit The Streets


We live to help our pets.

From the time we give them their first treat to the time they continue to beg for treats nonstop, we are constantly there for our furry friends.

However, are we fully there for them when it comes to healing?

Many pups can experience medical problems that result in issues such as chronic pain.

Much of the time, this is due to old age as well as a troubling illness.

Luckily, there’s an interesting new method that may be very beneficial to our furry friends experiencing this pain: hemp treats.


While many people may believe that hemp and marijuana are the same thing, that’s not entirely true.

You see, while the two are related, hemp is absolutely legal and doesn’t have the effects of marijuana.

Hemp contains CBD, which can be very beneficial to everything from separation anxiety to issues stemming around cancer. So, now that we’re more aware of the differences and the benefits, it will be interesting to see if hemp treats begin growing in popularity for pets in pain.

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Written by Anthony