Hungry Hungry Kitty Video


We all do silly things when we’re hungry.

Sometimes we simply don’t pay attention to our surroundings, becoming total zombies until we get that beloved sandwich.

Other times we gladly eat something we don’t really want just because we’re so desperate for food. And both of those are just things that have happened to me today.

But other times altogether we begin to smash our food machine until it gets us food. What, you’ve never done that? Because the cat in today’s video definitely has.

Yes, in today’s video, we begin by seeing an adorable cat sitting on its perch calmly.

But the cat doesn’t stay calm for too long. After a little bit, the cat rushes to an interesting looking machine, pawing at it furiously until food comes out. And, as you can imagine, the cat feasts the rest of the video away.

Now, we can talk all day about how adorable and amazing this video is.

In fact, I absolutely should do that. Perhaps I’ll start my very first podcast talking about various cute things that animals do. Or I’ll just eat a sandwich and take a nap.

Either way.

However, can we talk about how amazing that food machine is? Do you know how much I’d pay for a machine that you just have to tap until food comes out?

As somebody that can barely make their own breakfast each morning, I’d definitely grab one of those at the store. So, if you’re listening stores of the world, get working on that!

Written by Anthony