Kitten Grooming Weiner Dog Video Too Cute!


Dog breeds have some wonderful names.

With colorful monikers such as poodles and labradoodles, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to certain breeds.

Well, one of the greatest nicknames for a dog breed is for the noble Dachshund.

Also known as the weiner dog or the sausage dog, Dachshunds definitely live up to their names.

I mean, take a look at them! Don’t you want to just put one in a bun?

Not for eating, just for aesthetics.

No? OK, just me.

So, needless to say, Dachshunds are pretty adorable.

But how do you make them even more adorable?

Outside of putting them in a bun of course.

And maybe adding a yellow streamer that looks like mustard.

And a red one that looks like ketchup.

OK, I’m also planning my dog’s Halloween costume. I don’t care if it’s too early.

Well, you can always team up the little sausage dog with a feline friend.

Which is exactly what happens in today’s video. (Now that’s what I call a segue!)

Today we see a sleepy sausage dog named Dash trying to take a nap.

However, its cat friend named Snack thought naptime is also a good time to clean out your ears.

Sounds reasonable enough.

dashund cat grooming video
Besides the fact that Snack and Dash sounds like it should definitely be a series of kids books, it’s hard not to watch this video more than once.

OK, just one more time. Well, maybe one more after that, And a few more after that.

Written by Anthony