Kitten Puppy Love: Absolutely Heartwarming Video


Sometimes a title grabs your attention.

Like that movie with that one title.

It was really catchy. I think DeNiro was in it.

(Note to self, think of what movie it was and type it in later.

Don’t leave this note in or people will think you didn’t proofread your own article.

They’d think you’re some kind of amateur. Just remember. I’ll even put it in all caps. REMEMBER.)

Kitten puppy love video too cute for words

Well, what if I told you today’s video had the word “puppy” in it?

Sounds pretty good right? Well, what if I told you the very same video had the word “love” in it?

Also sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it? Well, what if to top it all off, it also happened to have the word “kitten” in it?

Weren’t ready for that much cuteness, were you?

That’s right, today’s video is called “Kitten Puppy Love”, and it brings exactly what it promises to the table.

However, most of these kinds of videos will feature a very sleepy dog and an overly affectionate kitten. Well, the roles have been reversed today.

This pup, who is much larger than its feline friend, affectionately gives its feline friend some kisses.

The kitten’s reaction?

Keep sleeping.

Nothing can disturb this furball’s naptime.

Not even an overly affectionate pooch.

And, if you’ve ever been woken up to being licked by your dog, you know it’s near impossible to sleep through.

I guess that kitten just had a rough day at the office. We’ve all been there, buddy.

Written by Anthony