Lulu & Smudge Take Over. Adorable Cat and Dog Playing Video You Will Love


There’s a stereotype that a good amount of content available on the world wide web is cute kitten/puppy/baby/penguin videos. And that any combination of those is guaranteed to up the cuteness factor. In other words, baby =cute, baby + puppy = cute squared. I hope that makes sense. I didn’t exactly do too well in algebra. Regardless, the theory of quantum cuteness is out there.

Well, it’s pretty much true. Adding more than one cute thing together will undoubtedly improve the overall adorableness factor. But did I ever say there was anything wrong with that? If you were paying attention and not looking up more kitten/puppy/baby/penguin videos, you’d know that I didn’t.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this. Well, in today’s video, we see the kitten + puppy addition right before our eyes, and it’s pretty much as wonderful as you’d think. The puppy named Lulu and kitten named Smudge are apparently best friends, and want nothing more than to play the day away. See it with your own eyes and check out the video!

But wait, think I may have skipped over something. A puppy named Lulu and a kitten named Smudge. Is it just me or does Lulu & Smudge sound like the next big kids movie? I can see it now: “Lulu & Smudge go to The Big City” or “Lulu & Smudge Find Their Way Back Home”. Excuse me, I’ve got some scriptwriting to do. And copyrighting. I don’t want anyone taking my idea.

Written by Anthony