My Willow


Willow – 2 winters ago.  A purebred Polish Arabian mare.  She was 34 in this pic.  Pol-Arabs were developed for cavalry use ie: warfare.  Many claim this makes them especially  courageous — some say just oblivious.  I think its a bit of both.  Ive been owned by this Tyrannical Female 😘 for; then steer almost 36 yrs now — ever since she was 6 months old!  GOD!  THE WEALTH SHE HAS SUCKED OUT OF MY POCKETS!  My poverty is ALL her fault.  Ohhhwelll — I got to ride on her back — as long as I agreed to go wherever SHE wanted to go.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration.  But after 30 yrs in these mountains I (& she) found it far more fun to let her find a way up to one of our look-outs, then take control to steer us back home.  Unfortunately, Im in the onset of Parkinsons & my legs have just given-out on me.  I no longer have the strength to ride our mountain trails.  But once a week she trots me around the ring & tries not to let me fall off.  Thats about as much as she can handle anyway.  We both seemed to hit old age at the same time & with a bang.  But even so,  about that time she proved herself to be a true CRAZY Pol-Arab.  We live on an isolated 20 acre mtn ranch.  Nearest neighbor – 1/2 mile away.  At that time, we were still blessed to have been adopted (for about 14 yrs) by an amazing spirit that came to us out of the woods as a feral female Australian Shepard (best guess).  She truly became our Protector-Spirit.  Once & only once

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