Neighbors Battle Over Pet Bees


neighbors battle over bee pets

In Henderson Nevada, 2 neighbors are going after each other over the pet bees one is keeping in the yard as a hobby.

David Sharpless loves keeping his bees, but 2 of his neighbors are not at all fond of his pets.

Brandon Hulet and Hayley Jeeter are going through the city to try to remove the bees due to the pets stinging their children.

Simply said, they don’t want bees in their neighborhood.

Mr. Sharpless utilizes a bee-keeping suit to manage them, but his neighbors (and their children) do not own one.

Here’s the facts:

  • It is completely legal to keep bees in residential areas in Henderson, Nevada.
  • The neighbors claim that they cannot utilize their pool due to bees stinging the children.  There is no report as to how frequently this occurs.
  • Mr. Sharpless’ neighbor reports that he claims his bees are “friendly”.

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Written by Flo

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