Nosy Neighbor


Nobody likes getting an uninvited visitor.

Whether it’s your next door neighbor looking for something to gossip about or your in-laws coming by for an unannounced pop-in, you’re always caught off guard when an unexpected visitor shows up.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not even a huge fan of the mailman coming by. Seems a bit nosy, don’t you think?

Surprise Elk Visitor!

However, I would be alright with certain guests swinging by unannounced. Especially if they have antlers. Please allow me to explain. Today’s video showcases one animal we don’t spotlight nearly enough: the noble elk. Or is it a caribou? Or a..moose? They’re all the same thing, right? I’m an appreciator of adorable animals, not a zoologist. The point is, while we all love some wonderful puppy and kitten videos, it’s good to see a new type of adorably furry friend come into the picture.

The video shows the elk/caribou/moose walking up to the filmer’s backyard. The person has a good laugh and even feeds the animal a piece of fruit. Now, keep in mind this is after it had stuck its head through the window. How adorable is that?
The only thing missing from this video? A sequel of course! Something tells me that elk/caribou/moose got treated so well on his trip to that backyard, he’s going to start making a routine out of it. In fact, what if he starts telling some of his elk buddies how great that backyard is? The person that filmed this should probably get ready for a few more visitors.

Written by Anthony