Out Of My Way!


There’s a reason that we all love our cats so much. They do some pretty interesting things!

Which is also why we end up filming them so much.

By filming your cat for about five minutes alone, you’ll get about twenty incredibly catvideo-style moments.

It’s like there’s some kind of algorithm going on.

So, needless to say, there’s a reason we all love to film our cats as much as possible. And today’s video is a perfect example of that.

We see a couple of cats hanging up on around the windows.

Which begs the question: how did they even get up there in the first place?

Oh right, they’re cats. And cats can do pretty much anything they want.

Well, the cats are playing around when one of them decides it’s a good time to start backing up.

Only there just happens to be another cat in the way.

But no worries, as the cat just decides to go over its fellow feline in a surprisingly acrobatic move.

Not only is this wonderful enough on its own, but it ends with a pretty chuckleworthy climax – the cat that climbed over its friend falls right off the ledge.

Don’t worry, I heard they always land on their feet.
So, as we take some time to appreciate this video, I think it’s safe to say that we should keep filming our cats as much as possible.

And, when they someday invent drones that can continuously fly around our cats and film them, we shall get even more incredible cat-related content.

Written by Anthony