Pitbull Pup Loves Bubbles

This pitty loves playtime with bubbles


Dogs always have hilarious reactions to everyday things.

You just never know exactly what’s going to set them off. Something as simple as the doorbell ringing can make them go absolutely bonkers.

And have you ever seen a puppy look at its own reflection? Because it’s one of the most wonderful things in the world.

Today we see one big dog’s reaction to something that sounds just as amazing as you’d think: bubbles.

Yes, we see a huge pit bull chasing around a flurry of bubbles, gleefully batting at each one.

Part of the adorableness of this video comes from the vision of a dog chasing bubbles on its own.

However, it’s made all the more better by the fact that it’s such a huge dog doing it. With such a wonderful scene, what more could you ask for?

Written by Anthony