Rottweiler Puppy Cuddle Time!!!


I feel like this is the least controversial thing I’ve ever said: puppies are great.

They’re small, they’re full of love, and all they really want to do is sleep.

Well, I guess that last thing also pertains to me.

The point is, puppies are pretty wonderful.

But you knew that before you even started reading this, didn’t you?

After all, you are on a website that’s all about cute animals.

I guess you could have put it together yourself.

But do you know what’s even better than puppies?

Puppies that will grow up to be big dogs.

Sure, Yorkie and pug puppies are well and good, but they won’t really end up growing that much. Even though they’re going to be adorable one way or another.

However, there’s something especially…well, special, about a little puppy that will grow many times its size. It’s like seeing the little cute Pokemon before they grow into giant dragons. (It’s never a bad time to throw in the occasional Pokemon reference.)

So today’s video is especially wonderful We see a little Rottweiler puppy napping, cuddling, yawning, and pretty much being the adorable puppy we expect from a cute internet video.

Something that’s great about this video is just how relaxing it is to watch.

While some cute puppy videos will show them running around or full of energy, this is a nice, relaxed look at a cuddly puppy.

Rottweiler puppy kissing cuddle time
So if you enjoy puppies that will go from tiny to huge within a matter of months, this is the video for you.

And if you enjoy watching relaxing videos of puppies sleeping, then why haven’t you already started watching this video?

Written by Anthony