Slow Down For Dinnertime!


Let’s be honest with ourselves, dogs love to eat.

If you’ve ever filled up your dog’s bowl, put it on the ground, and subsequently saw it disappear, you know the velocity at which a pup can decimate a pile of dog food.

However, is it possible they’re eating too fast?

While we’re all guilty of it once in awhile (I can’t contain myself when a pile of mac n’ cheese is presented to me), can it possibly be harmful to a dog?


According to Dr. Audrey Barker, yes.

Pups of all shapes and sizes have a tendency to gulp down their food at alarming rates, which can be a risk when it comes to choking.

Luckily, there is a way to try and slow them down a bit. Apparently, there are toys made just for this issue.
How do these toys work?

They’re made to work like puzzles that make the pooch use their mind to get to their food.

Not only will these kinds of toys get them to stop eating so fast, you’ll give your pup a little brain teaser every time they get ready for meal. Maybe I should try doing the same next time I make myself a mac n cheese dinner. Maybe.  

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Written by Anthony