Surfing With Man’s Best Friend!


Surfing is certainly not as easy as it looks.


Sure, we’ve all seen the movies like that one Pauly Shore was in (whose name I can’t remember), but in reality it’s much more difficult. In fact, it reminds me of my old skateboarding days, where I was actually kind of talented. However, as it turns out, those talents did not exactly translate over from sidewalk to snow.. And, yes, I fell a lot. So I’m going to assume that surfing would be just as difficult.

However, that’s not the case if you’re a young girl and her dog. At least according to today’s video. In the video, we see a girl having the absolute time of her life while surfing.

And who is her surfing coach? None other than her trusty pooch, who has joined her in the front of the surfboard.


Now, this video is already pretty crazy.

Let alone we get to see a puppy and girl surfing together, we also get to see the dog be absolutely unfazed by it all.

This pooch just looks lazily forward like it’s getting ready for a nap.

I can’t exactly say I’d be able to keep the same composure.

Clearly, this pair is pretty experienced in the world of wakesurfing.

For that matter, what is wakesurfing? Is it just surfing you have to do while you’re…awake?

I should hope everyone’s awake while they’re surfing! I hope I’m not alone on that.

What more is there to say outside of it’s a video featuring a surfing dog.

You should probably watch it now.  

Written by Anthony