World’s Most Romantic Cat


Some people are definitely better gift givers than others.

While some people are ready with chocolates and cards at 8 in the morning on Valentine’s Day, others get their spouse a keychain for their anniversary.

And no, I’m not speaking from experience. I promise. Let’s move on.

However, the cat in today’s video definitely planned ahead for their gift.

Once the owner opens the door, the cat is at the ready, fully prepared with a mouthful of flowers.

Whether the little furball got them at a flower shop or dug them up from the garden, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty darn adorable.

All things considered, we should be glad the cat chose flowers as a gift of choice.

Trust me, I’ve had a cat before and some of their gift choices are…less than fun. Like the time it found a mouse in my backyard and decided it would be the perfect present to drop on my feet. I’m sure it was with the best of intentions.

But I bet there were other options.

Also, this cat really raises the bar for our other pets.

When the last time my dog came home with a nice present?

And no, I’m not counting the slobbery tennis ball she left in my bed.

Written by Anthony